Panel fabrication

Under construction.... it is 2001 and I'll add some of my experience to this. This is of course NOT a panelbeaters class. Just something to get you going.

To be able to beat and form panels you need a fet tools.
-A good set of hammers and dollies
-Some sturdy pieces to use when forming and bending metal
-Sheet metal.

I would recommend a set of Martin tools from Eastwood Co., or similar quality in hammers and dollies.
I have a 15" piece of old railroad track that i use for many, many purposes. It had a lot of angles for dinging patches. When turned on the side it has a nice edge for making flanges or straight angles. This is my favorite for making patches!

Railroad track

A metal bender is also very useful. You can order one or just install a solid metal edge on a worktable, with the addition of another peiece you have a bender. Illustrations will follow...just need my pen and scanner. Which right now is at home, while myself making pages here at the office.



Trond Vidar Olsen

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